OMYTIS included in leading database of alternative data providers

OMYTIS has been selected as part of a database of professionals within the fast-growing alternative data sector supporting the asset management industry.

In response to the steep rise in demand for non-financial data sources, YipitData and other prominent market leaders launched Alternative Data Insider, an informational resource for fundamental investors seeking greater understanding of the market.

The website casts light on how the alternative data market supports financial analysts and provides unbiased insight for investors seeking greater level of information inputs for their investment processes.

Alongside educational features and resources the website includes a verified database of the leading providers, consultants and professionals who support investors with non-financial insight.

As the only strategic intelligence firm working solely for investment clients, OMYTIS supports funds seeking alternative research through multiple online and offline sources. We perform bespoke information acquisition projects for investors, utilizing a wide network of digital and discreet human intelligence curated for each project. We specialize in emerging market value assessment directly from on-the-ground specialists.

The full database can be found here.

28 August 2017